Elpekas launches the construction of a residential estate in Ginduliai: the 2nd phase of Pakrantės Alėja project


Elpekas continues the development of its Pakrantės Alėja project and is launching the second phase of the residential estate which has attracted great interest from prospective occupants. The design and construction works are currently proceeding as scheduled. A couple of weeks ago, the company began laying the foundations of the new houses. The first occupants are expected to move in by the end of this year. The project is scheduled to be completed by the spring 2021.

The residential estate will include a total of 28 buildings: 11 private houses with a floor area 80 sq metres and 17 private houses with a floor area of 90 sq metres. The company plans to construct single-storey, 3- to 4-room housing units. However, the layout and the number of rooms will be adapted based on specific client requirements. 

The execution of the construction works during the state of emergency has posed a number of challenges. Besides standard organisational, collective and personal protection methods, the company has also been following strictest COVID-19 safety measures during the quarantine period. Hygiene requirements and social distancing are rigorously observed while executing all the works.

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