Successful completion of the renovation of Amberton Hotel Klaipėda


Elpekas executed the renovation of Amberton Hotel Klaipėda in the period between 1 February2020   and   15   May   2020.  The   company   takes   pride   in   the   fact   that   its   team   of construction management professionals completed the work to a high standard and within a short time frame. The project included renovation of 55 hotel rooms. Today, the hotel is ready for the summer seaside vacation season which is expected to be very busy this year. The hotel will welcome its guests with brand-new design of its newly renovated spaces. Amberton Hotel Klaipėda is a 4-star panoramic view hotel situated in the very heart of the Old

Town of Klaipėda. It has 254 rooms. Hotel guests can choose to stay in economy rooms or luxury class rooms overlooking the sea. The hotel also offers a presidential suite. The   real   estate   investment   and   management   company   Elpekas   which   executed   the   hotel renovation   project   offers   a   full   spectrum   of   housing   construction   services:   from   project preparation   to   construction   management   and   execution.   Over   ten   years   of   its   existence,   the company has constructed or renovated more than 65,000 sq metres of space.

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