Occupant of Pakrantės Alėja residential estate received €17,000 in state subsidy

Elpekas Pakrantės alėjos gyventoja

Lina has purchased housing in Elpekas’s residential estate, Pakrantės Alėja, and is excited not only about her new home in Trušeliai, a modern and fast-growing Klaipėda district (9 to 10 minutes away from Klaipėda centre), but also about the fact that, to her surprise, she was granted a state subsidy for her new housing. She has received a state compensation of €17,000 for her new housing in February 2020.

Lina admitted that she was afraid that she would fail to meet the requirements and that purchasing new housing and applying for the subsidy would be a challenging process. However, the entire process was conducted online and it went smoothly and quickly. Lina said that house-hunting took quite some time as it was not easy for her to find a housing option that would meet her expectations: “The choice of the housing options offered on the market was rather narrow as most of the new housing units are being built in the urban areas. The construction of the first phase of Pakrantės Alėjos residential estate was launched at the time when I was house-hunting. I did not put much hope in this project, yet I decided to visit the site. As soon as I entered the site, I instantly wanted to make that place my new home. I had to wait six months for the construction to be completed.”

This year, the government has allocated €10 million in subsidies for young families for their first-time housing purchase in the country’s regions. State compensation ranges from €13,000 to €26,000 per family. Those who purchase housing in Pakrantės Alėjos I or Pakrantės Alėjos II are eligible to receive the state subsidy provided it is their first housing purchase.

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